How to reach iON Digital Zone Patna (Pataliputra)

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Hey guys !!!

Worried about how to reach ion Digital Zone Patna (Pataliputra) ???

Here I am going to tell you easiest, quickest and cheapest way to reach iDZ Patna (Pataliputra), let’s begin…


Address iON Digital Zone Patna (Pataliputra) :

 Gate 2, Block No 3, Patliputra Industrial Estate, Near P&M Mall Road No 3, Patliputra Industrial Area, Digha, Patna, Bihar 800013


Ion Digital Zone Patna Pataliputra
iDZ 1 Patna

Routes to iON Digital Zone Patna (Pataliputra) :

There are four ion digital zones in Patna, and all are located on Press Road. Ion Digital Zone 1& 2 are the same place with different entry gates; idz 3 is adjacent to idz 1&2. It is located in between Press Road and Mall Road, just before P&M Mall. But for ion digital zone 4 you have to take a street backside of Airtel Head Office.

Bus  Routes :

• For Ion Digital Zone 1,2 & 3 nearest Bus stop is Kurji More Bus Stop

Distance : 700m

• For Ion Digital Zone 4 nearest bus stop is Rajiv Nagar Halt

Distance : 1km 

For all the centers, after reaching respective bus stops you have to walk some distance or it is better to take a rickshaw as they drop near the centres.


Ion Digital Zone Patna
iDZ 2 Patna

Railway / Metro station :

• From Patna Railway Station : Direct rickshaws are available to the P&M Mall. You can take the city bus from the station to the Kurji More bus stop.

Distance : 7km

Time : 30 – 35 min

Fare : 15 – 20 /-, in the bus and shared auto.

Uber / Rickshaw :

Rickshaws are available directly to P&M Mall from both Patna Junction and Patna Bus Stop. If you are in a group it is preferable to book a cab.

Landmarks in the way  :

There are two ways to reach idz Patna.

• From Rajiv Nagar Halt

  1. Income-Tax Chowk
  2. G S Neuroscience Clinic and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd
  3. Kurji IIT Turning Bus Stop

• From Gandhi Maidan

  1. Gandhi Maidan
  2. KFC Restaurant
  3. Kurji More Bus Stop

    Ion Digital Zone Patna
    iDZ 3 Patna


(Travel time may vary depending upon traffic)

——– Municipal Transport is also available.


Nearby Hotels :

The Pine – Banquet Hall | Restaurant : C-24, Paltiputra Main Road, Near P & M Mall, Bihar 800013



Parking facility :

Parking is a big problem at all four exam centres. You have to find a place to park vehicles.

Ion Digital Zone Patna
iDZ 4 Patna

Facility :

  • You have to keep your baggage/belongings outside the centre, they provide separate corners to keep belongings. NO extra charges are required.
  • The Center is good and computers are good. Air conditioning is provided for some exams and some are not. The staff is friendly and cooperative.
  • Water facilities are provided but they are on the top floor. Many food stalls and restaurants are there in the area.
  • Washrooms are provided on the top floor, no restrooms are there to spend time.


(You have to keep it outside the premises at your own risk) 


Watches/mobile phones/valets/ bags/belt/rings, etc. are not allowed while entering iON Digital Zone Patna (Pataliputra) (online exam center)


Do carry your Hall ticket with original ID proof and related documents.


Exams conducted by iON Digital Zone Patna (Pataliputra) (online exam center) – Railways/Income tax dept/UDC/IBPS/SSC/PO/Others


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