How to reach iON Digital Zone Spring Solutions

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Hey guys !!!

Worried about how to reach iON Digital Zone Spring Solutions ???

Here I am going to tell you easiest, quickest and cheapest way to reach iDZ Spring Solutions, let’s begin…


iON Digital Zone Thigalarapalya,

Annapurneshwari Nagar, RVN Circuits,

#47/1, 11 Cross, Balaji Nagar,

Thigalarapalya Main Road, Pennya 2nd Stage,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 058

Contact Number: 080 2836 2233

Email Address: [email protected]

iON Digital Zone Spring Solutions
Source: Google Map

Routes to iON Digital Zone Spring Solutions:

RVN Circuit is an authorized online exam center by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and is known as iON Digital Zone Thigalarapalya or iON Digital Zone Spring Solution. This exam center is located in a remote industrial area and thus communication frequency is very low in this area.

Bus  Routes:

Majestic Bus Stand is the main bus stand in the city. From here you will find buses all over the city. Bus frequency in Pennya Industrial Area is very low so you have to change vehicle in between.

Distance: 15km

Time: 35 – 45 min, depends on traffic

  1. From Majestic Bus Stand (also known as Kempegowda Bus Stop), board on the bus of bus number series 252F, 252FC and deboard at Peenya 2nd Stage Stop.
  2. From Peenya 2nd Stage Stop, you have to take a direct rickshaw to RVN Circuits, Annapurneshwari Nagar, Thigalarapalya Main Road, as shared rickshaws frequency is very low in that area. The center is around 2km from here.

Rickshaw will drop you near the iON Digital Zone Spring Solutions.

Railway / Metro station:

Kempegowda Metro Station (near Majestic Stand) is one of the major Metro Station.

  1. From Kempegowda Metro Station, take a metro to Peenya Metro Stop. You can also deboard at Jalahalli or Dasarahalli Metro Stop.
  2. From Peenya Metro Stop (or also Jalahalli & Dasarahalli Metro Stop) You can grab a direct Rickshaw to RVN Circuit, as Shared rickshaws frequency is very low in that area.

Uber / Rickshaw:

After deboarding at any of the metro stations from Peenya, Jalahalli, or Dasarahalli Metro Station, you can book a cab through OLA or UBER. As direct rickshaw might cost around the same charges to get there so cab will save a lot of time.

Landmarks in the way:

iON Digital Zone Spring Solution lies before Byadarahalli Out Post Police Station and lies near Sri Puradamma Hindu Military Hostel, in front of ICICI ATM.

(Travel time may vary depending upon traffic)


Nearby Hotels:

No staying hotels are available in that area, you have to find a hotel or lodging in the city.

Important Tips:

COVID -19 Safety:

The exam center follows all the safety protocols during the Coronavirus pandemic. They do have sanitizer at every corner, all the staff wears masks and gloves, and computers and chairs are sanitized each time after an exam session. Your bags and belonging are sanitized properly after your submission.

Parking facility:

A medium-size parking lot is available besides the building at the charges of 10/- for two-wheelers and 30/- for four-wheelers.

iON Digital Zone Spring Solutions
Source: Google Map

Facilities at iON Digital Zone Spring Solutions:

  •  A place to keep your baggage/belongings are provided there but they might take some charges. You can also keep your belongings in the cafeteria at a minimum price.
iON Digital Zone Spring Solutions
Source: Google Map
  • The exam center is moderately maintained, infrastructure is poor, the proper seating arrangement is not given and the computers are in good working condition. Exam halls are not Air-conditioned. The staff is supportive and helpful.
  • Drinking water is provided in every exam hall. Food stalls, restaurants, and hotels are available within the area.
  • The washroom is present in each hall, it causes trouble to students and wastes a lot of time. Only one restroom is there and not shade is provided to rest in between the exam and for parents.
  • This center is located in the Industrial Area and causes unusual air pollution and noise during the exam. This center needs lots of improvements.


(You have to keep it outside the premises at your own risk) 

Watches/mobile phones/valets/ bags/belt/rings, etc. are not allowed while entering ION DIGITAL ZONE SPRING SOLUTIONS (online exam center)

Do carry your Hall ticket with original ID proof and related documents.

Exams conducted by ION DIGITAL ZONE SPRING SOLUTIONS (online exam center) – Railways/Income tax dept/UDC/IBPS/SSC/PO/Others

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