How to reach iON Digital Zone Sreekandapuram

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Hey guys !!!

Worried about how to reach iON Digital Zone Sreekandapuram ???

Here I am going to tell you easiest, quickest and cheapest way to reach iDZ Sreekandapuram, let’s begin…


iON Digital Zone,

Qualonix Cyber Park, Ganga Plaza,

KSEB Building,


Kerala 670631

Contact: +91 949 635 6691

ion digital zone Sreekandapuram
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Routes to iON Digital Zone Sreekandapuram:

Qualonix Cyber Park is authorized online exam centre by TCS and known as iON Digital Zone Sreekandapuram. It is located on Taliparamba-Iritty Road, in a very remote area in an Eastern End of Kannur and almost 40km away from Kannur District.

Bus  Routes:

Here I will show you how to reach iDZ Sreekandpuram from Kannur and Taliparamba.

1) There are two bus stations in Kannur KSRTC Bus Stand and Kannur New Bus Terminal. Ask a local from which stand you can board a direct bus to Sreekandpuram Bus Stop. If you don’t find direct bus take a bus to Taliparamba Bus Stop.

Distance: 22 – 27 km

2) After reaching Taliparamba Bus Stop get on the bus to Sreekandpuram Bus Stop.

Distance: 20 km

Note: iON Digital Zone Sreekandpuram is walking distance away from the bus stop.

Railway / Metro station:

No direct railway is available from Kannur Railway Station to Sreekandpuram. You have to follow the bus route mentioned above. Both Kannur KSRTC Bus Stand and Kannur New Bus Terminal are in 1km range from Kannur Railway Station.

Uber / Rickshaw:

Rickshaws are not available to reach there still, you can book a cab if you are in a group.

Landmarks in the way:

  1. Kannur Railway Station
  2. Kannur KSRTC Bus Stand or Kannur New Bus Terminal
  3. Taliparamba Bus Stop
  4. Sreekandpuram Bus Stop

(Travel time may vary depending upon traffic)

——– Municipal Transport is also available.


Nearby Hotels:

iON Digital Zone Sreekandapuram is located in a very remote area, and to reach there in the early morning. From Kannur City, it takes at least 2 hours to get there and in early morning direct busses to Sreekandapuram are not available. So for serious aspirants, it is very important to reach there a night before and stay fully fresh in the morning for the exam.

OYO 60596 Choice Residency: Choice residency, Sreekandapuram – Koottumugham – Payyavoor Rd, Sreekandapuram, Kerala 670631


Important Tips:

Parking facility:

Parking space is provided by the exam centre but space is very little. You have to search surrounding to find someplace to park.

Facilities at iON Digital Zone Sreekandapuram:

  •  A place to keep your baggage/belongings are not provided there, but you can keep your belongings in the cafeteria around with a minimum price.
  • The exam centre is well maintained and the computers are in good working condition. Exam Halls are not Air-conditioned and need proper ventilation. The staff is supportive and helpful.
  • Drinking water is provided in every exam hall. Food stalls and restaurants are available within the area.
  • The washrooms are present in each hall but are available to use only in the exam hours. Students in the early morning shift can face some problem. Restrooms are not available for guardians but you can find a place to spend some time.


(You have to keep it outside the premises at your own risk) 

Watches/mobile phones/valets/ bags/belt/rings, etc. are not allowed while entering ION DIGITAL ZONE SREEKANDAPURAM (online exam centre)

Do carry your Hall ticket with original ID proof and related documents.

Exams conducted by ION DIGITAL ZONE SREEKANDAPURAM (online exam centre) – Railways/Income tax dept/UDC/IBPS/SSC/PO/Others

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